Hi, my name is Gabriel George, but you can call me Gabe. I am a full-time Senior Software Architect at SSW Melbourne, Australia. I specialise in enterprise front-end development using various JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue. I also work with back-end technologies such as .Net Core and NodeJs.

Outside of work, I love to play PC and console games. Last few games I've been playing on was: No Man's Sky, Final Fantasy XIV, and Monster Hunter World. I also love to read fantasy fiction books like The Immortal Alchemist series, Eragon series, and the Mortal Instrument series.

I have passion of having a great coffee. I have been sifting through the streets of Melbourne just to get that satisfying sip. I'm currently practising in making good filter coffee with my beloved V60 pour-over set. I occasionally also make cold-brewed coffee at home. It was this passion for coffee that made me choose Melbourne as my home for the past few years.

Some of my friends say that I have fantastic sense of humour. But, can I say that I'm unique and easy to please? I'll let you to be the judge!

I can be reached:
via LinkedIn
via twitter @geo_ge