About Me

My name is Gabriel George. You can call me Gabe. I'm a full-time Software Architect at SSW. I'm Indonesian who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

While not doing my full-time work, I love to play music, games, read books, and I have interest in photography.
I also have a great passion in having a great coffee, although, I am not a purist that having the coffee black. I love it white, either with normal milk or soy milk. I also make my own cold brew and I'm currently practicing in making good filter coffee with my beloved V60 pourover set. I guess this passion for coffee is what made me chose Melbourne as my home for the past few years.

Some of my friend said that I have weird sense of humour. But, hey! On the positive side, can I say that I'm unique and easy to please? I'll let you to be the judge!

I can be reached: